An Activity Book to Inspire Children’s Curiosity and Conversation about Culture

Written and illustrated for elementary-aged children, Our Minnesota Community was created by, about, and for Minnesotans! Designed as an entry point to cultural awareness and responsiveness, this activity book introduces children to real Minnesotans and tell the stories of their unique cultures, values, and traditions.

Our Minnesota Community Book Cover

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Our Minnesota Community includes brief snapshots of Minnesotans from 13 different heritage backgrounds. The narratives tell of their unique cultures, values, and traditions. Inside this book, you’ll find beautifully illustrated coloring pages; crosswords, word searches, and anagrams; and questions that inspire conversation!

Our Minnesota Community is ideal for:

  • Elementary school classrooms
  • Homeschoolers
  • After-school clubs
  • Library summer activities
  • State visitor facilities
  • Family travel activity
  • Any opportunity to engage young people in learning about what it means to be part of a diverse and inclusive community!

Praise for the Activity Book

“What a wonderful resource to teach an appreciation for the rich diversity in our Minnesota communities and classrooms. It fits so nicely with Global Minnesota’s own programs that encourage respectful curiosity about new and different cultures and people. Well researched and thoughtfully presented!”

“A culturally responsive and sustaining education is the pathway toward equity for students of color and American Indian students, and education excellence for everyone in our classrooms. Our Minnesota Community: A Big Shared World Activity Book promotes critical thinking on the values and culture in Minnesota while highlighting our similarities, which is essential at every level of education.”

“As a professional educator with over 15 years experience in both K-12 and Higher Education, I am astutely aware of the difference it makes when children are exposed to culturally relevant resources. A culturally responsive teaching and learning pedagogy is a critical component to the social-emotional development of all learners. Our Minnesota Community is a wonderful resource to engage learners in culturally responsive conversations. As a native of Minnesota, it personally gives me great pleasure to know this resource will be in the hands of our future leaders, our youth!”

Meet Your MN Neighbors

Watch videos from the interviews with the Minnesotans featured in the activity book!

Educator Guide

With classroom engagement at the heart of this endeavor, you can now purchase a full educator guide with 13 cultural profiles complete with lesson plans, extension activities, videos and recommended resources to help bring the concepts and conversation to life in the classroom.

(Lesson plans align with Minnesota Academic Standards for both ELA and Social Studies)